In a nutshell about us


Inspiring Artistic Elegance in Your Special Moments!

Our name reflects what we are!

Wed(d)in(g) Art or Wed in Art is what we aim for! Professional services that include Event Planning & Coordination of each and every aspect of your Special Moments! Rest assured that your deepest desires and needs shall be met in full with an Artistic & Elegant touch to skyrocket your day to the Moon and Back!

Possessing excellent organizational, time and project management skills, we ensure smooth sailing of the whole event. Furthermore, we are very detail-oriented, always aiming in Perfection! Having the ability to multitask efficiently, we achieve to accomplish every required aspect that seeks our attention in far less time than required.  Our past experience helps us stay calm even in the most stressful and demanding situations, while our habit to make contingency plans in case, oh! well, that something goes wrong really provides us with a competitive advantage in resolving and overcoming any kind of unfortunate and unforeseen situation that may arise.

Cooperating with the best of the best in the wedding industry, we provide excellent services in any aspect you can imagine.


Our advantages


We are treating every new event as if it was meant for us! Enthusiasm never ceases! By getting to know you through interpersonal meetings, we learn about your style, your personal taste, your dreams! And then..we create something unique and customized, only meant for you!


Our hard work is reflected in the final outcome! We want your event to be absolutely Brilliant without much time devotion from your side and most of all? Without you worrying about a single thing! Just attend and enjoy the Best Day you could ever imagine!


What we are most proud though, is something that cannot be learned or studied. It is our creativity and imagination! Let us design every aspect and tiny detail of a day that shall be remembered for an entire life!

Mission, vision & values


Our mission is to create Happy Faces!

This is so true! Our passion and inspiration is driven by the satisfaction depicted on the faces of our customers! Well, what better than to be part of joyful events and share a piece of their happiness? We also put a little rock in the making! :)



Our vision is to alter the way Wedding Planning is perceived here in Greece. Not only by customers but from already established professionals in the field.  We aim to introduce the real and actual profession of Wedding Planning as it is really meant to be: Consultant, Planner and Coordinator, having in mind and serving only the best interest of their clients and not promoting businesses just for own personal gain.

Our vision is to provide fully integrated packages, always commiting on highest quality and not limited to a number of vendors/providers. Our clients' interest is what we value the most.



Commitment, hard work, honesty and detail orientation are some of the traits we value the most. We respect our customers, their needs and preferences. We aid and serve them in accomplishing and enjoying the best day of their lives so far, without intruding though and insisting in our own opinion. We Listen! to what our customers wish and seek. Then we act accordingly.


Our "Freedom of Choices" option

Our customers are our first priority. While planning our company's profile we came across to the assumption that we need our customers to always have the option of choices. Not choice. Choices! With that in mind, our customers may enjoy a variety of services from our side. Either by picking one of the already established packages, choosing a totally customized package reflecting their own taste, or picking service by service separately!

This way, our customers use our skills where they deem needed and they are not at all obliged to follow a pre-made scheme.

What's New?

Introducing WedinCraft!

WedinCraft is the new baby of WedinArt!

A Craft is a profession that requires particular skills and knowledge of skilled work. The traditional term craftsman is nowadays often replaced by Artisan.

As the name suggests, WedinCraft specializes in the making of goods pertaining to Weddings and Events. From invitations to favours, handmade designs and decorations, WedinCraft customarily creates every tangible aspect that is required for a perfect event!

Keeping in mind the style, taste and needs of our customers, either by following new trends or by infusing an Artistic Elegance in the Classics, WedinCraft offers keepsakes designed always in line with WedinArt and the whole aura of the Event,  in order to achieve homogeneity, harmony and momentum!

Coming Soon!